10 Travel-themed Nursery Room Ideas For Boys

For all the travelers out there, this is one of the bucket list dreams to build a cozy little world for their little angels where they can grow up listening to all the travel stories and imbibe the love for traveling at an early age. To help you realize your dream vividly, we bring you the top 10 travel-themed nursery decor ideas for the year 2022! Relish in the blue seas or inside the land of the lion king, these 10 travel nursery decor ideas are bound to rethink your nursery plans!

1. Wanderlust fever Nursery Decor

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A soft pastel hue wraps the nursery room quaintly decorated with colorful wall frames for the little kid to grow up in a wanderlust world. The wall gallery looks cute against the pastel yellow background. The tin racks and hangers are perfectly placed to hold the little angel’s playmates. The overall bluish-green theme is quite cozy and suitable for a transitional boys’ nursery room. 

2. Simple travel-themed decor

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This is an ideal remodeling of a mid-sized living room into a cozy, bright nursery room. The decor is pretty simple without too many elements yet elegant in the bright, airy space. The blue wall map elevates the vibe and contrasts the minimalist furniture. This is perfect for a budget transformation for your little angel.

3. Modern Travel Nursery Room Decor

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This is probably one of the very few travel-themed decors that radiates a different kind of elegance. The ecstatic floor carpet placed over the contrasting floor rug shines through the lighted space. The modern, high crib is an excellent choice for this decor space while just a single wall map transforms the entire room instantly. This is ideal minimalistic decor for boys’ and even girls’ rooms.

4. Nautical Nursery Decor

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An elegant milk-white decor is always a yes! This minimalistic boy’s nursery features a chic nautical theme, perfect for the beach babes! Custom rope light fixtures and macrame imbibes life into the theme without being over the top for the little kid. The milky-white theme shines bright in the well-lit room. Even the baby whale is a very cute addition to a child’s nursery room.

5. Contemporary Tropical Nursery Decor

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The vibe of this contemporary nursery room is too good to not catch the eye. The decor is perfect for little angels because of its tropical vibe radiating throughout the colorful wall hangings and summery blanket prints. The wardrobe by the crib also gives very beachy featuring a wooden design. Tiny planters on the racks, wall clock, and beach stones add to the theme of the space. 

6. Vintage Travel Nursery Room

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A simplistic, vintage room with a touch of travel theme is a unique concept this day. This room seems to pull it off effortlessly. With a clever wallpaper choice to add to the decor, it also serves to portray the vintage side of the room. Other than that, the double-decker crib features a traditional room decor with covers boasting contemporary prints. Lastly, the wooden wardrobe is placed strategically to complete the decor.

7. Elegant Cozy Nursery Room

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A lively vibe prevails in the cozy little travel-themed nursery space. The elements are well balanced with the correct touch of colors and elegant woodworks spread throughout the space. Wooden racks, cribs, and hangers bring a sophisticated touch to the nursery room while colorful baby toys, wall decors, and kid’s wardrobe adds the much-needed warmth and joyful vibes to the space.

8. Tropical Land Nursery Room

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Well-planned tropical rainforest nursery room looks vivid in splashes of all greens and whites. The modern high-rise crib is a chic choice and its wooden build matches the forest setup. This is a unique travel-themed nursery set up for those who are thinking of remodeling a small space into a lively child’s nursery. Wall frames, trees, and animal plushies all make for a complete kid’s package.

9. Eclectic travel decor nursery

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Another ecstatic nursery decor for travelers, this tiny space is well-arranged with travel elements from the sky, sea, and land. The monkey plushy takes away the monotonous look of the room. All other plushies and wall decors pull the look together. The wooden crib is a clever choice to strengthen the forest look. Overall, this nursery decor is a good example of an eclectic nursery room for boys and also girls.  

10. Scandinavian travel-themed nursery

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Featuring a gorgeous Scandinavian landscape in the background, this sophisticated travel-themed nursery is ideal for a mid-size nursery transformation. The decor is quite simple within a small budget and takes very fewer effort to pull off. The blue-white curtains and large windows add to the essence of the room.