10 Stunning Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas

When you are researching your living room, different questions come into your mind. Is it worth it? How beautiful and the size of your living room. When you answer that goon, choose the type of house you want.

For example, if you stay in a coastal place, choose a suitable style. There are different types of contemporary living available to decide the one you need. But you don’t have to worry about it more since we have provided some of the beautiful living room ideas to choose from in this article.

Read below for more ideas:

1. Costal contemporary living room

If you are looking for a medium-sized contemporary living room idea, this is for you. The wall and roofing are painted with white color for brightness. This room is ideal for all family and kids can play inside because it is spacious. There is a photo on the wall with a sky image to decorate your living room. The sofas are in blue and white color and comfortable to sit on. The combination of white-blue makes the room look beautiful. It has a wood table painted in black. Additionally, the carpet used on the floor is blue and white dots, making the house’s matching look awesome. It covers the space for the sofa, and you can sit on it.

Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas
Credit: Connie Anderson Photography

2. Blue and Zebra shades living room

This house has a combination of the colors blue, white, and black, making it look attractive. See how the arrangement of the room looks like an art home. It has a dining table with chairs which resemble the table. The shades of zebra color make the house different compared to other ideas of the living room.

Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas
Credit: Safavieh

3. Wood blue-white contemporary living room

There is a comfortable white L-shape sofa with a blue pillow to stand out this space. The decoration for this house makes it stand among the best living room ideas. The Blue and white mix makes this house beautiful. The wall and floor are made of wood, and the presence of blue carpet makes the design separate for eye-catching. It’s spacious enough for you to walk through the living. It has a decoration of green flowers placed on the floor and cardboard. There is no tv in the room, but the arrangement makes this house look beautiful.

Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas
Credit: Austin Patterson Disston Architects

4. Blue and white contemporary living room

When you combine white and blue color, it gives any room a nice look and polish. See how the blue and white sofa matches in the room. When you sit on them, you will feel comfortable. The wall is painted with two colors, and the roofing is pure white. The door is white, making the house brighter and more attractive. Natural Light in the room is another advantage for this type of design. From its looking you will feel comfortable owning such room.

Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas
Credit: Beach Glass Interior Designs

5. Contemporary art billboard living room

The combination of blue and red colors makes the room look beautiful. If you are art and looking for a living room design, this is a perfect choice. It has a light wood floor living room with a standard fireplace. The chairs used here are unique and do not carry many people, only one. You can sit comfortably on it when doing your art design in the room. The spacing inside the room is enough for you to walk inside the house freely. If you love such a room, this is the right choice.

Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas
Credit: Houzz

6. Contemporary blue wood living room

The blue color makes your house look beautiful. The wall is made of wood and painted blue and brown. The tv is mounted on the wall, which takes its space. The floor has a blue carpet and comfortable sofas for you to relax on. The room is not spacious, but it looks beautiful. The table is made of glasses. The two chairs put on the corners are of different shades of color.

Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas
Credit: Bradfield & Tobin

7. Weston blue living room

The wall is painted blue, making this house stand out among the rest of the design ideas available. It has small size windows with spacing for lighting. The arrangement of this room is super perfect. It has unique chairs which are brownish and round table between them. The table has a yellow flower for decoration of the room. There is a standard fireplace which is designed well on the wall. Arts tool are put on top of it, and you see how beautiful this house look. Additionally, the roofing style is amazing and attractive for you.

Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas
Credit: Sean Litchfield Photography

8. Double room living design

If you are looking for a spacious and beautiful house, you need to try out this room idea. There are beautiful and decorative sofas of white and yellow color. The dining table is painted white and has enough space for the family to sit on. The floor is made of wood tiles, and the wall is white-blue color. There are photos put on the wall to make this room look smart. Also, there is no tv, but the room looks more beautiful. It has two blue and white mats on it, and the table is blue.

Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas
Credit: Savvy Interiors

9. CG contemporary living room idea

This is one of the beautiful room designs we have painted blue-white. Beyond the entry, it’s 12ft of the ceiling and original fireplace. The window is created casework, and it has space to provide inside the echo. Also, the huge huge window is designed to let a slanting beam of winter light inside. This room has an open study shelf with a book. If you love studying or your children, you will love the room idea. The sofa is orange in color with small stools in front. The spacing here is quite enough for you to walk inside freely. The medium size tone wood floor for the living room looks beautiful and matches with a line of white color.

Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas
Credit: CG&S Design-Build

10. Contemporary living room with bookshelf

If you are looking for a study living room in your room, this idea is perfect for you. The wall is designed with books to store and a pink photo. There is a green flower tree next to the wall.
The sofa is L-shaped and blue. The table is small, round, and pink in color, the same as the mat used on the floor.

Contemporary Blue Living Room Ideas
Credit: Arditi Design


We have come to the end of the topic, and I hope you find the best choice for your living room design. The blue color is one of the perfect colors to use for your living room. You have to sit in the room you will feel comfortable when you are inside. Make a good choice for your living room with those top 10 contemporary living room ideas.