10 Modern Orange Living Room Design Ideas

Sure, neutral-colored rooms are a safe versatile color selection when decorating your living rooms. However, something can be said for a warm, bright space to liven up your home shining. Orange, a warm mixture of red and yellow shades, is the best bright color selection that can give the appearance of your living room and give a vibrant burst of color to the overall color scheme of your living home.

This vibrant color shows imagination and happiness. It also makes a great dominant color for your main living area. This nice lively style can be mixed with a wide array of colors to achieve very different looks for your living room. Having an endless number of various shades, getting a color scheme to pair with your particular shade of orange may seem daunting. But you should not worry, as this blog has created a list of orange living room ideas that will impress you. You can check out some of the blue living room types with the same designs.

1. Choose a Hanging Bulbs

 Modern Orange Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Southern Painting And Repairs, Llc.

This is an Example of a mid-sized small, size concept light wood floor living room that is appropriate in Atlanta has yellow- and orange-colored walls, no fireplace, and a tv stand.The chair is grey with a wooden table placed in the middle of the room.

2. Use Ladder for Books Shelves

 Modern Orange Living Room Design Ideas

Family room – unique family room idea in San Francisco this is a good example of the modern living room in San Francisco. The room is orange on the walls, and the chairs are orange in color with a minimalized table in between them. It also has a minimalized kitchen well decorated to give a good environment for you.

It has a minimalized bathroom that is well designed, having orange color on the walls having a unique environment all over. Also, outside the living room, green plants is covering the space outside the room.

3. Use Wood Ceiling on Rooftop

Credit: LaCantina Doors

This living room is designed in a LaCantina Doors Aluminum bi-folding door system. Inspiration for a large modern open concept light wood floor with beige floor family room remodels in San Diego having white walls. It also has a standard fireplace with a stone fireplace for your pleasure. The living room has a wide-open resting place with a wooden floor with chairs and an LA Cantina folding door system. The room also have glass tables walls painted white.

4. Choose Chandaria Bulbs

 Modern Orange Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: JMS Architecture LLC

The living room in Penn valley is a minimalized room with an orange wooden floor, a chair painted white, and walls painted light yellow. You can make your orange living room smart with some of the materials that are essential for you in your house. The room has some different pictures on the walls. The dining room is minimalized having some chairs for your family to enjoy dinner. The room also has a resting room with chairs with orange wooden tables and some storybooks on top.

5. Use Natural Light

 Modern Orange Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Ossolinski Architects, PLLC

The family living room in DC Metro contains an open concept space for your family. The room is having walls which is painted orange all round the house. The floor is wooden in design also orange in color with unique chair brown in color well arranged in the room. The kitchen is well spaced and contains a food cabinet and utensil cabinet both brown in color to make your kitchen look attractive. The wall and floor are all painted yellow, and it also has a minimalized entry way with unique doors.

6. Make Your Gallary on Wall

 Modern Orange Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: L. Weatherbee Design Studio

This is an example of a minimalist living room design in New York. The siting room of this kind of 99 John Deco Loft Modern living room in New York is designed in a attractive manner. The brownish-orange walls and colored decors look more pretty than it already is. The floor is wooden with a leather carpet, yellow chairs, a small metal table and a yellow stool with a tv in front of the room.

7. Use Cabinet on Wall

 Modern Orange Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: OJMR Architects

Example of the family living room design in Los Angeles. The room has an open space, wall which is white in color wall shelves light orange with tv and table. The wall shelves have different parts where you can place your office document with books. Wall space is the best space to add a burst of white color to any home in the room you are living in, though certainly not limited to, your living room. The vibrant traditional white wall color in this room is the perfect backdrop for this neutral-colored couch.

8. Use Curtain to Separate Your Tv

 Modern Orange Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: TR Nelson

Example of a minimalist family room design in Minneapolis. The Inspiration for a timeless underground carpeted with brown floor basement remodels in Minneapolis having yellow walls though it lacks fireplace. Infront of the house has red curtains covering tv on the wall shelves. Yellow chairs with pool table behind the room to entertain. The Minneapolis house also has wall pictures and a small-sized wooden brown table.

9. Make Your Walls with Shelves Cabinet

 Modern Orange Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: RugKnots | Area Rugs

A simple yet sophisticated design takes this terracotta-toned rug. A welcoming, today geometric pattern plays the rug’s rectangular canvas. A short pile count doesn’t sacrifice softness; this rug is appropriately placed to be casual yet extremely comfortable. A rich, rustic red color to make this rug the best place to light up or add hotness to a room. Its simple color scheme shows that it won’t intrude on the color palette that is there.

True artistry is showed in this rug, that shows bold color with intricate style. Your eyes will wander from line to line from the rug’s fringe-adorned ends, then delight in its light green. This handcrafted piece shows a linear pattern that makes an elegant pattern that almost resembles a maze. Light beiges complement this rug’s bright green backdrop for a cheerful, casual vibe. Example of a mid-sized minimalist family room style in Baltimore with white walls, having a standard fireplace.

10. Make Use the Whole Room with Woods

 Modern Orange Living Room Design Ideas
Credit: Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects

Minimalist living room photo in Seattle living room is painted yellow all-round the room with wall shelves. Chairs are white in color with red wooden floor and wooden table. The kitchen is well designed with light orange walls, food shelves, and a minimalized table with black wooden stools.

Yellow is also another best pairing to citrusy shades of orange. The light golden orange shade of the couch nearly communicates with other parts in between shades on the progressing from sunshiny yellow turning into deep shades of radish orange. Muted shades of neutral color are used for accents in this brilliant and energetic style scheme.


Orange is a mix of red and yellow. You may decide to use various mixes to get the orange shade which you will need to get – lighter or darker. Is the way cool is this collection of 15 Close to Fruity Orange Living Room Designs? They are sure of getting out the beauty in any room as orange is a light color and has a very strong effect. Whether it is an accent color for the wall, can be as a furniture color, or even just for your place carpet!