10 Large Nursery Room Ideas for Boys

In today’s 21st Century, every parent dreams to prepare the most suitable options for their kids. This selection procedure begins from the earliest of the years, right after the birth of the baby (if not even before that). The initial choices to be made by the parents for their little ones are building the appropriate and most suitable kind of nursery for their babies. While doing so, one of the most common wishes the parents have for their babies is to build them large nursery rooms. These large nursery rooms have a specialized theme like transitional one, a modern decor, or even a Scandinavian theme one. Let us further jump into a series of such large nursery room ideas for your little heroes.

1. Cozy Blue Nursery Room

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This room is ideal for the baby boy who has a thing for soft toys. The room has a touch of kindness and warmth through the range of soft toys, plushies, and warm lighting. The pastel sky blue colors on the wall along with the large windows make the room appear more spacious and airy for the baby to play around. The combination of using various textiles brings out the transitional nature of the nursery room. The beautiful ceiling fan with light adds charm to the room and enhances the warmth in the same. The use of minimal working furniture is another basic transitional factor in the nursery room. Our personal favorite is the large soft teddy sitting on one of the corners of the room. The beautiful patterned curtains and soft flooring are the other beautiful features of this room. And a special mention should go to the white open bookshelf on the wall along with the colorful birds that hang on the wall, beside the shelf. This side of the room encourages gaining knowledge and your baby will stay engaged for hours in this large transitional nursery room.

2. Sailing Idea Contemporary Nursery Room

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This room is all about ships, boats, the sea, and sailing! Yes, this large nursery is perfect for the guy who is also an enthusiastic sailor at heart. One of our favorite elements of this contemporary is the tapering white ceiling that gives a tent shape to the room. Other than that, the use of finer lines on the crisp edges adds to the contemporary theme of the room. The ocean blue walls and the white ceiling add to the look of the sailor style of the room. The clever use of shades of blue, red, and white enhances the beauty of the room. The use of elements like ship pillows, sea-related soft toys, and the large picture of a ship on the wall of the white multi-utility crib does magic in the room and we bet your little sailor would love it here!

3. Shades of White Nursery Room

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This room is a typical contemporary theme room. The large nursery room looks more spacious with the help of the shades of white. The use of various pastel shades of the base color white is a typical factor of the contemporary style design of the room. This color is highly contrasted with cute baby elements like the rusty orange teddy in one of the corners of the room. The large window with textured black and white curtains makes the room airy enough for the baby to surround himself with nature. The use of white and grey furniture is a classic combination of contemporary-style rooms. Our favorite baby elements in the room are the little teal gray wooden chair, the brown wooden wall hanging, and other little wooden features. These wooden features are contrasted with fuzzy mats and soft rugs.

4. Road Less Taken Nursery Room

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The title aptly justifies the nature of the room. You might feel it is a little absurd to add such a heavy title to a baby’s nursery but it isn’t what you think it is! This room has a typical mid-century vibe in it that brings out the essence of this room. The room has white walls and a ceiling except for the teal green wall of the window along with glass panes. The glass roof design is a classic mid-century style nursery decor that brings out a sense of royalty. The use of classic mid-century furniture like the grey sofa chair is highly comfortable for the baby as well as for the parent. Our favorite is the glass roof and the glass window in the middle of the teal green wall. The incorporation of the jute storage bag filled with soft toys for the baby boy and the white furniture brings out the midcentury contrast of textile and pattern. The woods outside the window and the grey effect of the room suggest that the baby will learn to take a unique path to his achieving his goals in the future, thus suggesting the title of the room.

5. Every Baby Element Nursery Room

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You can surely understand the nature of the room from its title. Yes, this contemporary style room is filled with the most adorable and interesting baby boy elements that make the room fun for the baby to spend his initial years. The room has a ceiling tapered from two sides towards the center, giving it an attic-like appearance. What we mostly love about this room is it’s the contemporary art of making it a warm and fun one, both at the same time. The ceiling spotlights create a warm effect in the room. The use of clever color combinations is a typical contemporary style interior design and looks fits for even a girl’s nursery in contemporary decor. The crib and the other furniture are classic contemporary style furniture. One of our favorite baby elements in this large nursery room is the glass swing with a comfortable cushion. This swing is a blessing to your baby guy who loves to spend time swinging all day around. Other than that, the little soft toys and cartoon theme furniture make the room highly baby appropriate.

6. Galaxy Tour Nursery Room

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This large nursery room is for the little angel who has an innate interest in galaxies and spaceships. If your little guy loves the idea of traveling around the milky way, then this room is for you! The room walls have been painted into a galaxy of stars and planets and colorful spaceships and rockets. These create a beautiful effect in this traditional large nursery room. The greyish black furniture brings out the traditional effect of the room. What we love most is the baby elements like soft toys in the room. This spacious room has a window that is airy enough to make the baby boy feel happy at all times. 

7. Night Sky Nursery Room

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This room brings out the most innocent and vulnerable side of the baby boy. Your little angel will surely the pastel blue shade of the walls that bring out the traditional nature of the spacious nursery. The modern style chandelier emits rays of warmth that help maintain a tender baby effect in the room. Other than that, the rocking horse and the little colorful chair and table set add to the vibe of the room. The room has a round soft mat with stars and moon woven over it that brings out the concept of the night sky theme in the room. The various small pictures and little lampshades on the corner of this large nursery are our other favorite items in this room.

8. The serenity of the Lake Nursery Room

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This title does enough justice to the nature of this large nursery room. The room is perfect for the kind-hearted little gentleman who appreciates the calmness of the lake or other such water bodies. This transitional nursery has a habit of mixing the Victorian-style interior with modern-style architecture. The combination makes up for a beautiful contrast that is appreciated by almost everyone. Let us begin with the gorgeous silver Victorian-style chandelier that adds a sense of royalty to this room. The incorporation of the traditional white modern crib and the mysterious lake view wallpaper across the walls add up to the luxurious yet practical modern nature of the room. Other features like the beautiful seating area and the rug add charm to this beautiful transitional nursery room.

9. Attic Element Nursery Room

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This room is a typical transitional nursery room. The room is a large and extremely spacious one. The roof of the room tapers to the middle and gives an attic-like ceiling to the room. This attic nature of the room adds to the classic transitional nature of the room which is also perfect as a craftsman nursery set up for girls. Along with that, the blinds of the high window make up for the transitional theme in this spacious room. The use of pastel shades of gray and white brings out a modern and industrial effect that enhances the transitional nature of the nursery. The white ceiling spotlights add warmth to the room that is highly suitable for the baby boy. The sudden use of wooden furniture and a mix of textiles are our favorite elements in this attic-style nursery room.

10. Close to Nature Nursery Room

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This room is perfect for the little guy who loves being around nature as well as loves the wild animals found in nature. The large nursery, too, is a spacious one. The use of pastel shades brings out the transitional style of the interior design of the room. Our favorite is the incorporation of a few animal soft toys like the medium-sized giraffe soft toy or the little rocking elephant. These add cuteness to the nursery. The fuzzy white rug on the floor is another feature we love. The incorporation of several large and medium-sized plants in every corner of the room aptly justifies the title of the room. The clever use of jute plant holders, handwoven chandelier textile, or the mirror rim, all of them speak for the transitional elements in this room. We also have a weak spot for the beautiful square architecture on the greyish blue wall of the crib. Overall, the baby will surely love the room design!