10 Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas

The orange color in the interior is equally well combined with related warm tones and with cold ones. It plays the role of the bright central accent in the decoration; therefore, against a warm background, it will add colors to the interior and make it more harmonious. And on the cold, it will be interesting to contrast and stand out.

We show the most popular combinations with orange in the interior of the living room. It is believed that such an interior suits creative people as much as possible, but anyone wants to fill their life with positivity and enthusiasm. The secret lies in color! After all, the orange living room combines the stimulating effect of yellow and red tones, which inspire, charge with cheerfulness and new ideas.

1. Orange accent

If you are looking for a living room idea, you need to try out this type of living. A small section of the wall behind the crisp white chest of drawers is framed in bright orange. In combination with snow-white brown trim and light gray furnishings, the accent looks very impressive and colorful. The repetition of the rich shade in the textiles of the sofa cushions and the lamp’s design made it possible to create a genuinely harmonious setting for the living room. Even a tiny element of the interior, made in orange, emphasizes the neutrality of the rest of the living room decor. If it’s more muted and light analog acts as a “support” for a bright color, then the room’s interior can turn out to be very harmonious and balanced.

Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas
Credit: Mountain Home Photo

2. Orange white living room

If you want the “orange mood” of the interior to be simply striking, choose one of the following list: accent wall, furniture (including upholstered furniture), floors, or ceilings. Bright furniture needs a neutral backdrop, just like a creamy, fluffy carpet would look good on an orange base. The sofa is made of white cover, and each of the sofas has its pillows. The wall is made of light orange glass. You can see through it. Your celling room is orange, and a small bulb makes your living match the color you choose for your living room.

Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas
Credit: Robeson Design

3. Maloney orange living room

A pastel shade of orange for the walls creates a light and laid-back vibe in the living room. With the help of upholstered furniture and window decoration, it was possible to achieve a deeper shade of orange-terracotta color, which, combined with the grayish-beige palette of other interior items, created a pleasant atmosphere a room for rest, relaxation, conversations, and receiving guests. When you are a resident staying in the ocean or each, you can build this living room. The decoration made for this type of house is attractive. It makes your living room look like a tourist destination. You will feel comfortable when you are in the living room.

Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas
Credit: Tomaro Architecture

4. Orange white with the fade of fallen leaves

This is a type of contemporary living room that is designed with lightings. When decorating the hall, straw or crimson, rusty or brick-brown can be used, which are perfectly combined with a shade of pumpkin or persimmon. The living room is bright in color and has light orange tiles that match the wall. Sofas are pure white, making your living room more colorful.

Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas
Credit: Le Rêve Interiors

5. Spacious orange living room

This type of contemporary living room with enough space inside you may think is a hotel. You can have a meeting for this type of living idea. Everything is orange in color, even for the ceiling room. Orange in the living room or office will stimulate the brain; in the dining room, it will increase appetite; in addition, it is believed that many shades of orange increase emotional activity and encourage conversations and discussions, which is very useful for a restroom receiving guests.

Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas
Credit: snyder

6. Orange blue living

The decoration of the house is fantastic. It has a wall unit that places a television inside, which makes it beautiful in your home. It should also be remembered that this color makes the room warmer and smaller, and an orange-colored vase will look more significant than a snow-white one. Decorate the hall in this way only if you are sure that you can comfortably spend several hours in it.

Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas
Credit: Kirsti Wolfe Designs, Inc.

7. Stone fireplace orange living room

If you are looking for the standard living room for your home, you need to try this. It seems affordable and attractive. Small in size for the people who don’t have large families, The stone fire makes your living much attractive. Its wall on one side is built with glasses so that if you are outside, you can easily access it. The whole house is orange in color. You will feel comfortable when you are inside the house.

Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas

8. Modern living with orange

The designer added an orange countertop to the cream and white in this living room to increase the brightness, which goes into the window sill, pillows, and a blanket. The sofa is designed with orange, white color same with the color painted in the house. Lighting bulbs are placed in the front of the wall to make your living bright. Your floor is designed with wood concrete bringing brightness to your living.

Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas
Credit: ARTISSIMO – Idit Deutsch

9. Orangewood design

Do you know wood can make your living attractive more than you think with orange color? The glasses made for a living are transparent and enable you to see through them. When you sit in the room, you will feel much comfortable because the roof is raised above, helping minimize warmth in the room. The house looks dark inside but appears attractive when you are inside it.

Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas
Credit: GMK Architecture Inc

10. Modern couch living room

The matching of the sofa and floor is attractive, and you will love sitting in such a living room. You can get easily matched color that introduces you to classic style design. Your living will get exciting space in the same room. The neutral color creates the perfect white color in your residence. You can paint a wall to match the orange color of the sofa.

Contemporary Orange Living Room Ideas
Credit: Susan Diana Harris Interior Design


The above are some of the contemporary living ideas you will need to learn from this post. We have mentioned various ideas which will boast you to get the best living room style of your choice.